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About us


Barbus is a leading distributor of world-famous pet and vet products in Ukraine since 2000.

Our customers may experience all the benefits of premium brands trusted by millions of pet owners, veterinarians, breeders, groomers and aquarium keepers all over the world.

Our vision

We believe that great service is not just limited to selling products. To ensure everyone, who picks up our product, is satisfied, we provide only best and proven pet care solutions of uncompromising quality. Thanks to this our clients can be 100% sure in the quality offered to the consumer and decent income. Pet owners can choose high-quality products from industry leaders for their pets. And their beloved mates can enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Our values

Strong teams are able to push the limits of what's possible. Even if the goal seems to be unreachable. Our team has plenty of such stories of success. And we owe all this to many years of joint work, shared ideas and experience. This allowed us to become a team of qualified pros united by common values: happiness, freedom, family, trust, recognition and continuous improvement. They help us to keep up with our vision of a reliable partner: to be the best supplier of the customer and the best customer of the supplier. This allows us to provide best solutions and offer groundbreaking innovations that help bring joy to animals and happiness to their owners. Every day we are proud to provide high-quality service to partners who share common values and are inspired by the same goals.

Our initiatives

Supporting social initiatives and free market development is an important aspect of our work. From the very beginning of our journey we organize and support professional shows, competitions, conferences, seminars, lectures and master classes for veterinarians, aquarium keepers and groomers all over Ukraine. A commitment to animal health and well-being is one of our core values. That is why a special place in our activities is occupied by improving the professional level of Ukrainian veterinary medicine. We believe that every pet deserves access to high-quality products. That's why we support shelters adoption initiatives all over Ukraine.

Business Areas

For aquaristics

Decorative aquariums, terrariums and garden ponds need regular care. Their owners know: adjusting all necessary parameters can take a long time and, in some cases, a large amount of equipment.

The joy of caring for decorative ponds and tanks, as well as the desire to spread the right idea about this activity and making it easier lies at the heart of everything we do. That is why we only work with industry leaders, trusted by customers all over the world. This allows our clients to experience all the benefits of the world’s best solutions for aquarium, terrarium and garden pond care.

Time-tested quality

Product quality is a key point for choosing our partners. We believe that only best products can guarantee aquatic inhabitants and their owners a long and happy life together.

Our flagship brand from sera company based in Germany is a global leader in the segment of premium aquarium, terrarium and garden pond care products. Solutions from sera are manufactured in accordance with strict quality requirements. And the company constantly monitors them in its own laboratory. Today high-quality sera food for aquarium and pond fish, medicines and aquarium care products are unique in our market.

Professional care has never been so easy

Decorative aquarium, terrarium or garden pond is a great way to get closer to nature. But their owners know how many efforts it could take to keep this cozy corner clean as well as its environment healthy and comfortable for the inhabitants. The culture of proper care for the decorative water world, most simple for its owners and most natural for its inhabitants, is the main principle of our work.

Our specialists are always ready to perform training for you and your company and answer any question you or your customer may have. This will help you choose most professional solutions and provide only tailored recommendations to consumers. We will assist with choosing equipment for new aquarium, terrarium and decorative pond or offer professional solutions to support existing one.

Marketing support

From assistance with order planning to help with customer service, we provide a full range of marketing tools for your business at all stages. Our team will help you choose the right range of products that will meet the needs of your business, provide detailed information about all the benefits and features of our products and supply you with all the necessary advertising and promotional materials.

For veterinary clinics and pharmacies

Since 2000, we provide veterinary practitioners all over Ukraine with world class vet products in the segments of dietary food, supplements, medicines and diagnostic solutions from global industry leaders.

We are proud to work with such world-famous companies, as Hill’s Pet Nutrition, VetExpert, Dermoscent®, Ceva Santé Animale, IDEXX and many others.

We offer a full range of distribution services for veterinary clinics and pharmacies

Meeting innovations

We know how important it is to test and see how the product works at your side. That’s why we offer special programs allowing you to test breakthrough solutions for vets that can make your everyday practice easier and your customers happier. You will be the first to try out novelties from world-famous brands and see how they can bring innovations and simplicity to your practice.


Our team of veterinary specialists is always ready to provide professional consultations and answer any question about the product. It is our goal to ensure that all our partners and employees receive up-to-date knowledge regarding our products. That is why we frequently organize internal and external trainings. All the events are held in feedback-driven atmosphere, helping everyone get comprehensive answers to all the questions and share experiences.

Veterinary events

For the years of work Barbus has been organizing and supporting veterinary events all over Ukraine. Today we are happy to work with Association of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine, Association of Veterinary Practitioners, the Center of Modern Veterinary Medicine and many others. We are proud to support Ukrainian veterinary community together.

Marketing support

We provide our partners with marketing support at all stages: from order planning to working with end consumer. Our team will help you choose the right range of products, provide detailed information about all the positions and supply you with advertising and promotional materials.

For pet shops

Wide range of products

Over the years of cooperation Barbus has expanded its portfolio with best pet care solutions from world industry leaders. It is very important for us to make sure our customers receive only best pet care products, so we are constantly working on expanding our range. Continuous cooperation with our customers, pet owners and partners from all over the world helps us keep up to this pledge.

Quick delivery

The company’s own logistics complex equipped with automated warehouse management system allows us to implement highly efficient solutions for customer service, providing fast and reliable delivery to any destination in Ukraine.

Education and training

Providing our clients’ staff with up-to-date information about the products is important part of our business. That is why we organize trainings and seminars for our clients on a regular basis. All educational programs are tailored to meet pet business needs. And they are regularly updated to cover current pet market demands.

Service for everyone

We want your business to be successful and your products to be always at hand for pet owners, so we provide a full range of distribution services for both online and offline stores.

No matter how big your company is – we work with any type of orders. As we believe – there are no more or less important clients. Every client is our favorite one

Marketing support

We provide you with all the necessary marketing tools to make sure your business is successful with us. We will help you choose the optimal range of products that will meet specific needs of your business. In addition, we will provide you with full stack of information about every product, help you develop promo design for your outlet and get all the necessary promotional materials.

For breeders

Our company has been a partner and a sponsor of international and local cat and dog exhibitions, shows and competitions for many years.

Responsible breeding of healthy animals, as well as spreading the culture of their right upbringing and care – is a priority for our team. We believe that the knowledge and experience of pet breeding professionals can help to follow this principle. Therefore, we have developed a special program for breeders.

Key benefits:

  • Specialized products for dogs and cats in the reproductive period, for puppies, kittens and dogs with high energy needs
  • Supporting participation in specialized activities for professionals
  • Access to a professional knowledge base and expert advice