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KONG is a world-known leader in pet toy industry. For more than 40 years, KONG Classic has been considered as a benchmark among dog toys.

It all started in 1970s. KONG founder, Joe Markham loved his dog Fritz, but was not a fan of his destructive chewing habits. Fritz had an affinity for rocks, sticks and other harmful items and his teeth were starting to wear down.

Joe had tried a variety of techniques to solve his destructive chewing habit. It wasn’t until Joe threw out a suspension part from a Volkswagen Bus he was fixing, that Fritz found something more appealing than rocks. Whether it was the erratic bounce or durable rubber, Fritz was fanatical about this snowman shaped rubber part.

Joe kept taking the rubber part away, and Fritz kept bringing it back. Joe got the message, and the KONG Classic dog toy was born.

Dogs love KONG. KONG products satisfy the instinct of chewing and are very strong and durable. Owners also love KONG toys, because they can fill them with treats, throw and play every day.

By the way, KONG is loved not only by dogs and their owners. Toys are even the choice of… dinosaurs and have been used in “Jurassic Park” episodes.

Групи товарів

KONG Cat Toys

for cats KONG toys meet the natural needs of cats to hunt and help them maintain a sufficient level of physical activity for a healthy life and happy life.
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