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A Spanish brand of natural dog and cat food. Thanks to the unique processing technology, all products include real fresh meat as the first ingredient.

Today Ownat is the only pet food manufacturer that includes fresh meat in all its premium and super premium products.

The brand refers to all pet owners:

“At Ownat we have a real passion for pets, and we are convinced that the foundation for their health and wellbeing begins with a real food. That’s what our natural food range is all about, so that you’ll always have the best for your pets at home”.

Групи товарів

Ownat Cat Food

for cats Complete, precisely balanced diets for cats. Ownat uses natural ingredients and real fresh meat, which retain all their nutritional properties. The purity of all ingredients is exceptional. Production process requires subjecting meat to the same level of quality control and hygiene standards, as being developed for human food. Most heat-sensitive ingredients are added at the end of preparation process to preserve nutritional and organoleptic qualities. This technology provides higher biological value, increased digestibility and taste that pets adore.
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