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A culture of responsible attitude to pets means a lot to us. And caring for their health is an important part of this culture. We believe that lifelong health from tooth to tail is something every pets deserves. And only regular, high-standard veterinary care can guarantee such a life. Therefore, support and development of Ukrainian veterinary medicine occupies a special place among our initiatives.


Crossing boundaries

We regularly hold lectures, workshops and seminars presented by local and international industry professionals. Open dialogue and sharing experiences on such events allows every participant to dive deeply into the topic and get eny question answered.

And if you missed an event or want to come back to the topic later, just let us know and we will follow up with a recording and all the related materials.


Innovations at hand

We know how important it is to test and see how the product works at your side. That’s why we offer special programs allowing you to test breakthrough solutions for vets that can make your everyday practice easier and your customers happier.

You will be the first to try out novelties from world-famous brands and see how they can bring innovations and simplicity to your practice.


Support of veterinary events

We believe that veterinary events are a great opportunity to deepen the knowledge and share experiences with colleagues. For many years we have been a sponsor and official partner of veterinary conferences, congresses, seminars, workshops and lectures throughout Ukraine.

Today we are glad to work with Association of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine, Association of Veterinary Practitioners, the Center of Modern Veterinary Medicine and many other Ukrainian and international organizations. And we are sure that together we will are able to better see and understand the needs of the industry.


Let’s work together

We are open to new initiatives, are able to provide necessary resources and look forward to participating in joint projects. Here are some fields we currently work in:

  • Veterinary specialists trainings in universities, veterinary clinics and during specialized veterinary events
  • Assistance in facades design, interior design and evquiping of veterinary clinics, pharmacies and educational institutions
  • Holding specialized vet events in partnership with universities, clinics and veterinary organizations

We know you may have even more ideas. That is why we are always open to new proposals and cooperation offers.