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Support of the vet community

Growing stronger together

The culture of responsible attitude towards pets means a lot to us. Caring for pets' health is an essential part of that. We believe that lifelong health from teeth to tail is something every pet deserves. Only regular, high-standard veterinary care can guarantee such a life. Therefore, the support and development of Ukrainian veterinary medicine play a big part in our initiatives.

We know how important it is to have access to the latest developments, research, and advanced solutions in animal healthcare. That is why we regularly host lectures, workshops, and seminars from Ukrainian and international lecturers. Thanks to the program of acquaintance with breakthrough solutions in veterinary medicine, our partners have the opportunity to be the first to try new products from world-renowned brands and test their effectiveness. We want future veterinary specialists to always have access to the most up-to-date knowledge and advanced research. Hence, cooperation with veterinary educational institutions plays a crucial role in our activities.

Experience with no boundaries

Thanks to many years of partnership with global leaders in the veterinary market, we have a unique opportunity to work with world-famous speakers, international universities, and leading representatives of the global scientific community.

We regularly hold lectures, workshops, and seminars with Ukrainian and international lecturers. Flexible formats – offline meetings with speakers or online panels allow everybody to choose a comfortable participation format. Lively discussions and exchange of experience enable the participants to dive deep into the topic and get answers to any questions.

In case of a missed yet interesting seminar we, as an organization, are always more than happy to provide everybody with a recording or any related materials.

Many veterinary professionals have already joined our activities. We will continue to provide and promote high-quality education and information about breakthrough solutions in veterinary medicine together with representatives of the global veterinary community.

Access to innovation

We know how important it is to test the effectiveness of new products in the veterinary market first-hand. Therefore, our customers have special programs to get acquainted with the latest solutions. Those were designed to advance veterinary work and improve the lives of animals and their owners.

Our partners have an opportunity to be the first to try new products from world-renowned brands. We create an environment for professionals to communicate and build a network with their colleagues from all over the country — everything for a healthy and happy life of pets.

Moreover, we provide an opportunity for our partners to get acquainted and see the effectiveness of existing solutions. Our clients have an ongoing Staff Feeding pet program from our partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a global pet nutrition leader.  Every veterinarian can purchase high-quality Hill’s products for their pets at special prices by participating in the program. Many veterinarians have already joined the program and are feeding their pets scientifically proven diets.

Support of veterinary events

We believe that veterinary events are an excellent opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge and share experiences with colleagues. For many years we have been a sponsor and official partner of veterinary conferences, congresses, seminars, workshops, and lectures throughout Ukraine.

Today we are glad to work with the Association of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine, the Association of Veterinary Practitioners, the Center of Modern Veterinary Medicine, and many other Ukrainian and international organizations. And we are sure that together we will better see and understand the needs of the industry.

Support of veterinary education
We want future veterinarians and already experienced industry professionals to access the most up-to-date knowledge and advanced research. Our team of veterinary specialists and leading experts, lecturers, and practitioners provide training and lectures for the veterinary community based on universities, veterinary clinics, and specialized veterinary activities.

In 2020 we conducted a series of lectures on dog and cat nutrition for students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Odesa State Agrarian University (OSAU) and the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULESU).

On behalf of the world leader in veterinary nutrition of dogs and cats, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, we have supplemented the library of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy of the National University of Pharmacy with a complete publication on clinical pet nutrition  – Small Animal Clinical Nutrition. The library of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of OSAU was replenished with books “Small Animal Clinical Nutrition” and “Atlas of Clinical Anatomy of Small Animals” published by the Mark Morris Institute, founder of Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Comfortable learning conditions are one of the prerequisites for quality education. That is why we help to renew the territory of specialized educational institutions. In 2020 we took part in the arrangement of premises and auditoriums of OSAU.

We are delighted with the fact that Ukrainian students have a desire to develop professionally. Moreover, we are grateful to our partners from universities for the trust and opportunity to support veterinary education in Ukraine.

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